investor representation

Persons associated with Spaulding Group are registered representatives of, and securities transactions are conducted through, StillPoint Capital, LLC, Member FINRA/SiPC, 13051 W. Linebaugh Avenue, Suite 1010, Tampa, FL 33626. StillPoint Capital is not affiliated with Spaulding Group.


Privately Owned

Manufacturer seeking to build a new facility in the "green" building products industry, sought to raise capital, locate their facility and execute their vision.  We supported this by helping locate their plant, install state of the art equipment and build out their back office.


Private equity owners

A software/hardware engineering firm was seeking to "pull" its technology into a new industry to create demand.  We successfully developed and executed a strategic plan, validating "proof of concept", which was used by management for seeking additional investment.

construction services

family owned

Founder grew specialty contractor from a startup to a national leader.  Looking to "take chips off the table", we lead the recapitalization of the company with a private equity firm allowing the owner to realize financial security.

retail center

private investors

Investors had acquired and rehabilitated a retail shopping plaza.  They wanted to understand the value of their investment if they held the property or sold it, which we successfully established allowing them to execute their strategic vision. 

Strategic analysis

transition management

Operational execution

Strategic Support

representative selection of transactions and SERVICES our firm and professionals have worked on 




individual investor

Our client, a high net worth investor, wanted to invest in a distributor of a disruptive HVAC technology.  We researched the company and its management, analyzed the investment and negotiated on behalf of the client in acquiring their ownership interest.

Retail leader

privately owned

Founder was looking to exit his business.  We determined the company's value, developed a prospective pool of qualified buyers, assisted during negotiations, and ultimately closed the sale of the company.

sale of a company

cIVil Construction

family owned

10-years after starting the company, the Founder sought to understand its value and turn over day-to-day management to the next generation.  We helped the owner evaluate a possible sale.  He decided to retain ownership, so we worked to ensure a smooth transition of management.

property manager

family office

Multi-family property management firm looking to accelerate growth through acquisition.  We developed their ideal target profile, performed a national search for the right cultural and financial fit.  The client acquired the target, which was immediately and highly accretive..