Strategic recapitalizations are often an effective tool at allowing Founders/Owners to "cash out" some of their hard-earned sweat equity, allowing them to diversify this value into other more diversified investments for themselves and their families.  Our investment banker's at Spaulding Group are experienced in this important type of transaction.  Similarly, we've worked on recapitalization transactions that have brought more efficient capital structure to companies, allowing them to operate in a more cost effective structure or to cash out a particular class or group of shareholders. Spaulding Group is experienced at partnering with owners to help them convert large and small portions of the wealth they've accumulated within their businesses by recapitalizing with a group of providers who are experienced in this type transaction and the unique operating environments of these family and other privately owned organizations.

value-added consulting

Spaulding Group's consulting professionals work to create value for companies from both sides of the manager's desk.  Our experienced executives can advise on strategic initiatives as traditional consultants or they can parachute in to a company and immerse themselves as a member of the management team.  We've successfully worked in start-up and high-growth environments, as well as distressed and turn-around situations.  Our executives have been in senior leadership positions of companies that have been acquired, as well as companies who are growing acquisitively, allowing us to understand the unique and often fragile environments that develop during these times of change.  We're experienced at helping successfully transition day-to-day operations of a business from the Founder to their children or a professional management team, allowing the Founder to focus on the areas of the business they're most passionate about, which often creates greater value to the shareholders.  Similarly, we are experienced at creating creating value for owners by helping them to properly plan for exiting their business.  These transactional readiness services are key to creating significant value for the Founders/Owners that otherwise may not be realized upon the sale of their businesses.

Whether Spaulding Group is locating sources of capital, negotiating capital terms, supporting a company with its buy or sell side activities or rolling up our sleeves and joining management in formulating and executing strategic initiatives for their organizations, our accomplished professionals are adept and experienced at creating value for the owners of the businesses we service through our investment banking and value-added consulting services.

Please read a brief overview of our services below, then let us know how we may assist you.

Buying & selling activities

Spaulding Group's investment bankers are experienced at helping clients achieve their vision for success through strategic acquisitions and divestitures.  We've helped our clients accelerate their company's growth strategies by pursing an acquisitive path, and we've also assisting them in achieving efficiencies by divesting of non core operations.  We've advised clients on small "bolt-on transactions" and we've also been there through the entire process of much larger and more significant transactions that have allowed company's to double their size with a single strategic acquisition.  We are experienced at creating value at the critical points throughout the complex transaction process; strategizing transactions, locating and screening qualified targets and acquirers, working with lenders and other capital providers, negotiating deal terms and structures, and integration planning and execution.

Growth capital

Strategic growth initiatives often have a fading window of opportunity and require fresh capital for their execution. Spaulding Group helps family and other privately owned businesses try to grow their businesses by obtaining the capital that's necessary for growing their organizations.  We work closely with debt and equity capital providers who are seeking to invest in fast-growing businesses and the family's and managers who drive their success.  We are experienced at telling each company's unique growth story in a way that is understood by the investment community.  Whether the growth story is one of building a newer, better and more efficient production facility, or it is a story of expansion into new markets, with new products or new customers, Spaulding Group's investment bankers are experienced at getting your story told and heard, and they can help negotiate the terms of these growth investments so that the owners of these organizations may focus on executing their growth strategies.